ALTITUDE  Façade Access Consulting is a niche consultancy firm specialising in façade access solutions for high rise buildings and structures.

With a combined 30 years of international project experience in the façade access industry under a leading Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) manufacturer, Altitude FAC are in a position to provide a superior level of information and support to Architects, Developers and Facility Managers requiring independent advice.

The Façade Access Equipment of today provides far greater benefit to the building owner than window cleaning alone, and is now commonly used for a range of maintenance activities including the replacement of damaged elements of the building’s façade over the life of the building. As building designs become more complex, access and maintenance systems are also advancing so as to overcome the challenges posed by increasingly complicated building forms.

Working with ALTITUDE FAC will provide access to the latest industry technologies and strategies, as well as the necessary support and guidance in relation to compliance with relevant Occupational Health & Safety Acts and Codes of Practice.

The solutions developed by Altitude FAC are cost effective, innovative and practical, and are underpinned by our extensive engineering experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of Building Maintenance Systems across a variety of global markets.

Contact the team at Altitude FAC today to discuss your specific project requirements.